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NAND Flash memory has created markets for information storage that would have been seen as science fiction when it first came out of the research lab 25 years ago.

After relentlessly shrinking its minimum feature size from over 1000 nm to around 15 nm, manufacturers are now working on the last technology node for the classic 2-D NAND approach.

With the end of 2-D technology in sight, various 3-D approaches to stacking cells vertically have arisen. Over the past few years, manufacturers have been touting their versions of the vertical channel approach.

Schiltron Corporation, founded by one of the pioneers of 3-D Flash, has developed alternative approaches that allow unique attributes that are not possible with existing technologies.

Key unique attributes include:

- Higher density than any existing 2-D and 3-D NAND
- Optimized quantum tunneling to push endurance by orders of magnitude beyond any 2D/3D NAND
- Orders of magnitude lower latency than any 2-D and 3-D NAND
- Path to first low power dissipation 3-D Dynamic Memory to replace DRAM

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